Kotak Mutual Chess Festival in Celebration of 'International Chess Day'

The city is once again heading towards chess boom! This was evident from 470 registrations (combined for Schlastic & Blitz) for the Kotak Mutual Chesss Festival 2016 and rejection of no less than 150 participants!!


We had a wonderful (of course, challenging) two days of exhilarting chess, which brough the best out of kids and senior pros and here are the results:

The scholastic chess championship, which ran concurrently witnessed participation of 340 players in four categories; U-8, U-10, U-12, U-15.

The honours were clinched by Kush Bhagar (Under-08 Open), Aarav Lakhani (Under-10 Open), Jeet Shah (Under-12 Open), Shiv Shome (Under-15 Open) while the girl’s category was won by Aditi Kayal (U-8), Kriti Patel (U-10), Kiyarra Khaturia (U-12), Yuti Patel (U-15).

The final standings were as under:

Under-08 Open: 1. Kush Bhagat, 2. Riyan Shah, 3. Arvind Iyer

Under-08 Girls: 1st: Aditi Kayal, 2nd: Netra Savaikar, 3rd: Nishka Chandan


Under-10 Open: 1st:  Aarav Lakhani, 2nd:  Aarna Chugh, 3rd: Om Kadam

(No photo)


Under-10 Girls: 1st: Kriti Patel, 2nd: Vrisha Shah, 3rd: Viha Shah

Under-12 Open: 1st Jeet Shah, 2nd: Shubham Ved, 3rd: Aniruddha Potawad

 Under-12 Girls: Kiyarra Khaturia, 2nd: Hetvi Pethad, 3rd: Kaajal Rai


Under-15 Open: Shiv Shome, Saahil Ghorpade, 3rd: Saurabh Kulkarni

U-15 Girls: 1st: Yuti Patel, 2nd: Tanvi Adhawade, 3rd: Kanika Chitnis


All Champions (L to R): Kiyarra, Shiv, Jeet, Kush, Aditi, Yuti, Aarav, Yuti 


IM Vikramaditya Kulkarni Triumphs in Blitz Chess Championship:

The seasoned pro - IM Vikramaditya Kulkarni (ELO 2420) of Western Railways justified his top billing by winning the Kotak Mutual Blitz Chess Championship, which concluded here at Don Bosco High School, Borivali.

Vikramditya reeled off twelve consecutive wins before he suffered two losses to WIM Parnali Dharia and Vaibhav Bhat but these was not sufficient for others to catch and he completed the formality by winning the last round to score a whopping 13/15 to take a clear 1st place and pocket the prize of Rs.10,000/-

15-year old, Krishnater Kushager and Ketan Boricha secured the 2nd & 3rd place with a score of 11.5/15 and were awarded Rs.7000/- & Rs.5000/- from a total pool of Rs.52,500/-

Amongst the women players, WIM Parnali Dharia performed impressively to finish sixth while the category prizes were won Ajay Prabhu (ELO 1600-1900), Malay Krishna (ELO 1300-1600), Kush Bhagat (ELO 1000-1300), Yuti Mayur Patel (best female player) & Vatsal Shah (Un-rated)

Top 10-Standings:

  1. IM Vikramditya Kulkarni
  2. Krishnater Kushager
  3. Ketan Boricah
  4. Kothari Swapnil
  5. Vaibhav Bhat
  6. WIM Parnali Dharia
  7. Amardeep Bartakke
  8. Soham Datar
  9. Sanjeev Nair
  10. Gopal Rathod

Team KMF Chess Festival