Fresh from his triumph at the Commonwealth Chess Championship, 10-year old, Candidate Master Raahil Mullick continued his run by winning the ICS Super-Sunday Chess Challenge with a Fischer like score of 7/7! Arnav Tawade and Yashwant Pawar secured 2nd and 3rd place respectively.


On the girls's front, Kiyarra Khaturia won the title with a score of 6/7 and was also placed 2nd on the overall rankings. She was followed by Samyukta Banthia and Ananya Vora.


The tournament had attracted 52 kids (including 31 FIDE rated players and two Candidate Masters) in the age-group 5-15 for a 7-round swiss with a time-control of 25m+10s. The prize distribution ceremony was presided over by Sudhakar Rokade, MCDCA member, Mr. Prashant Mullick, Rohan Shah and Vikas Gupta.

The wonderful infrastructure at Cultural Centre of Russia made the event memorable for everyone connected!

List of Prize Winners:

Rank Name Pts Category

1 Mullick Raahil 7 1st Open
3 Tawade Arnav 6 2nd Open
4 Pawar Yashwant 5½ 3rd Open
8 Kadam Rishi R 5 4th Open
10 Gupta Eshaan 5 5th Open
12 Bang Atharva 4½ 6th Open
14 Karra Vikram 4½ 8th Open
15 Kunder Pratik 4½ 9th Open
16 Gawde Prathmesh 4½ 10th Open

2 Kiyarra Sunil Khaturia 6 1st - Girls
11 Samyukta Banthia 4½ 2nd Girls
21 Vora Ananya 4 3rd - Girls

6 Iyer Arvind 5 1st - U9 Boys
9 Kadam Om Manish 5 2-U9 Boys

24 Sara Gupta 4 1st Girls U9
32 Freeyah Golia 3 2nd Girls U9

5 Bhagat Kush 5 1st U-8 Boys
7 Iyer Aarav 5 2nd U-8 Boys

30 Verma Vivaan 3½ 1st U-07 Boys
41 Vohra Devansh 3 2nd U-07 Boys

40 Shah Hiya 3 1st Girls U7
52 Nagarkatte Saina 1 2nd Girls U-7